company overview

Company Name CHUGOKU JOZO Co., Ltd.
Location 1-12-1 Sakurao
Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
738-8602 Japan
Phone Number (0829)32-2111(representative)
Representative Name CHUGOKU JOZO President and CEO Koichiro Shirai
Establishment October 8th, 1918
Capital one hundred million yen
Business Description Manufacture and sales of alcohols
Manufacture and sales of provisions industry (starch, glucose, tasty beverage, seasoning, and food)
Manufacture and sales of pharmaceuticals
Import and sales of alcohols
Restaurant business and sales of food・sundries
Lease and sales of real estates
Manufacture and sales of cosmetics
Insurance agency
Business focusing on life insurance recruitment
Business, consulting, and investment pertaining to the business listed above
Branch Tokyo Branch ※ The address changed as of 6th July, 2017
2-1-15 Shiba Park, B.L.D Building the 7th Floor
Hamamatsucho, Minato, Tokyo
105-0013 Japan
Phone Number: (03)5733-0212
Company Store Brewery Company Store「Yasuragi Hakobo」
1-12-1 Sakurao
Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
(first floor of our building)
Phone Number (0829)32-9122
Related Companies ●Hakueikousan CO., Ltd. (Mikawacho Parking) 7-8 Mikawacho Naka Ward, Hiroshima 730-0029
●Samuze Ltd. 1-12-1 Sakurao Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 738-0004
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Company History

1918 Oct. CHUGOKU JOZO is established as a limited partnership
1938 Aug. Grew into a joint-stock cooperation and was renamed to CHUGOKU JOZO Co., Ltd.
1963 Oct. Started brewing sake
Completed Four Season Sake Brewery No. 77
1967 Oct. Released the sake line「Hakosake Ichidai」which uses a groundbreaking paper container that was developed with the cooperation of Tsupakku Company (Germany)
1974 Feb. Opened bottling factory No. 88
1976 Feb. Completed the integrated wastewater treatment facility
1977 Aug. Released sake「Hakosake Ichidai」with Tetra Brik
1984 June Released「CAN PAIR」, a canned shochu soda
1986 Oct. Designed the large container filling system
1989 Jan. Completed construction of Sakurao Primary Distribution Center
1990 Oct. Completed construction of Sakurao Secondary Distribution Center
1990 Nov. Completed the new bottling equipment for small bottles
1991 Sep. Completed the new 1.8 bottling equipment
Completed reconstruction of a stagnant water pipe for industrial use
1992 Aug. Completed the ultrafiltration facility for sake and raw sake
1997 Jan. Implemented the automated malt-making system
1998 Mar. Implemented SF filtering system
2000 Feb. Implemented the large container filling system
2000 Apr. Implemented a pure water system
2003 Dec. Implemented the crushing machine, used for making Otsu shochu
2003 Dec. Implemented the separation system for unrefined ginjo sake
2004 June Expanded the distillation equipment
2004 Nov. Expanded the ingredient processing machine for Otsu shochu making
2006 May Released「Ichidai・Misen」, a new line of sake
2006 June Released「GABARICH UME-SHU」
2006 Nov. Established our mail order website,「Yasuragi Hakobo」
2010 July Released「Pretty Plum Wine Kawaii」
2012 Apr. Opened our brewery company store,「Yasuragi Hakobo」
2013 Nov. Released「Momiju Manju Liqueur」
2015 Nov. Implemented carbonic acid filling equipment
2017 Apr. Completed additional refrigerated storage
1-12-1 Sakurao
Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima
738-8602 Japan
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